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Man Rewards His Girlfriend With A Benz For Standing By Him When He Was Broke



A Nigerian man has rewarded his girlfriend for standing by her during the hard times of his life after dating her for almost four years.

According to a Twitter user identified as @wunna147 the man was broke but his girlfriend was ten toes and stood with him, and in appreciation for the unflinching support and love she has shown him all these years, he bought a brand-new Benz for her as gift for her birthday.

Wunna claimed that he congratulated him and his friend said this;

‘God no go let us go all out for the wrong person Omo love is sweet abeg, just find you own person that will still love you even when you’re down to your lowest’.

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See some reactions from social media users below;

@uchewalawala wrote;

This is a rarity and I wish people would stop making this seem like a norm. Staying with a broke man is a choice and it’s not for everyone. And just because the guy has potential doesn’t mean he will live up to it.


Atleast he is a grateful type, some don’t even even bother 😂. Congratulations on your new whip o my dear sister

@kunlereal wrote;

Nowadays, to find a gal that stands by her broke bf., you have a better chance of finding a needle in a sea

@iamrenny wrote;

Some break up after they make the money 
All of a sudden you are not their type anymore 
But for the ones that remain loyal 
God go bless una 
This love go reach everybody

@kikkybambam wrote;

Well she’s lucky to have a good man that repaid all her kindness back to her in good measure. Not every woman that stood by a man gets lucky like this.

@haryoormide wrote;

 I have told you to stand by me countless of times,now that I don’t have money,you don’t know what tomorrow holds for me baby

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JJC Skillz Writes Sweet Words For Wife, Funke Akindele As She Rocks In Beautiful Gown



Nigerian songwriter Abdulrasheed Bello known professionally as Skillz or JJC Skillz has taken to his Instagram page to shower encomium on his wife.

Taking to his official Instagram page with almost 400K followers, he appreciated the beauty and potentials that are visible in the love of his life, actress Funke Akindele.

In a short caption that accompanied the elegant photos he posted, the proud father described her wife as a hot, classy, talented person who must be obeyed.

Looking at the beautiful photos of the famous and most admirable actress, she was seen in a green gown and posed confidently for the camera.

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Appreciating his lovely wife, he wrote:

“She’s hot  She’s talented  She’s Classy She’s smooth  She got skillz  She must be obeyed”

Check out the post below:

In reaction, his wife, Funke Akindele slid to the comment section and wrote: “Thanks le boo. ❤️❤️❤️”

Meanwhile, fans and celebrities alike didn’t miss out on leaving some reactions to the post. Ghgossip compiled a few below;

babarex0 wrote; “Boss. Add. She is smooth. @jjcskillz 😂. @funkejenifaakindele too smooth hellooooooo🙌🙌🙌🙌”

the_pelebeoflagos wrote; “It’s the “she got Skillz” for me”

chichi_ezeolu wrote: “She’s got Skillz indeed🔥🔥👏👏❤️”

itskerenkezia_ wrote: “She’s classy and “got Skillz”🙌🏾🙌🏾😍😍😍”

mhiz_possibility wrote: “She got skillz as in @jjcskillz …kpk….lines that matters😍😍😍😍😍😍”

iamhappyrichland wrote: “Yes oooo,she must be obey”

_sarauniyazinta wrote: “@jjcskillz Oh woah I mean wooooooooooooooow 🔥🔥🔥 easy on us Mama @funkejenifaakindele


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Biodun Da-Silva: Surviving in a World of Causes and Effects



People say that for every action, there will be a reaction. For every reaction, there’ll be a counter-reaction. And, like a circle, it goes on and on. Cause and effect simply means a relationship between two events or things, where one is a result of the other. In layman terms, our actions, inactions or decisions make something else happen. Whenever cigarettes are advertised, “smokers are liable to die young” are always in the adverts. This means if you smoke, you will most likely die young. The cause is smoking, the effect is premature death.

When we understand that our action, inaction and every decision we make have consequences, we’ll be extremely intentional about the things we allow in our lives, our actions towards them, as well as learning to control our reactions to them. All our actions are ’causes’ and the outcome of these actions are ‘effects’. Effects can either be positive or negative depending on how strategic we are in choosing our ‘causes’. 

For example, food consumption is very vital to the sustenance of human life. We eat food for the nutrients it provides. The nutrients that are derived from food help in boosting our immune system and also fight against diseases. On the flip side, too much, too little food, or poor diet in our system is also dangerous and is a threat to our lives. As much as the human brain is powerful, if we don’t exercise it by reading and studying, it starts declining intellectually and our scope of knowledge becomes limited to what we already know. Our health is our life. If we don’t take good care of it, the effect is that we will die.

In a nation, what represents the essence of a civil society are the presence of basic amenities, national security, good governance, and strategic use of our national, natural and human resources. In the absence of this, corruption, poverty and chaos will thrive. In a relationship or marriage, it takes two to tango; both partners will have to be on the same page for any relationship to work. They will have to put in the work and the effort to ensure the preservation of the marriage. If they fail to work together, breakup or emotional abuse of one or both partners is imminent.

Cause and effect controls every area of our lives, still, many people do not know how their actions or inactions have affected their lives negatively. People die on a daily basis due to avoidable death because of limited knowledge about the fundamental principle of causes and effects. Most job seekers never take the time to see how employable or unemployable they are; they stopped learning when they graduated from the university, forgetting that theoretical learning is nothing compared to the real life training you get outside of school. Most importantly, we live in a world where information becomes obsolete at the speed of light. What was taught in the first year in the university may become obsolete before the fourth year or final year depending on your career choice, hence, the need to continually unlearn and relearn to sharpen our skills and knowledge. Learning transcends beyond the four walls of a university classroom and beyond that, continuous learning is key to working effectively and efficiently in this 21st century.

We must always take time to think before we carry out any action so we can get favourable results. Hunger causes us to eat, yet we cannot afford to eat just anything.

Since our existence centers around causes and effects, how do we survive? How do we ensure that the things we do don’t have damaging effects on our lives? The answer is simple: living intentionally.

When we are more aware of the actions we take, we influence the effect. We’ll be able to predict the outcome of any decision we make. Life will be so much easier for us when we understand the law of cause and effect. The key to living life fully is to live without regrets that emanate from our actions. Going through life wondering what we did wrong or what we could have done differently puts a lot of strain on us in the long run. That can be eliminated when we live intentionally through our thoughts, decisions and actions.



Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

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“My Dad Has Always Been My Mentor and Inspiration”-Akwaboah Reveals



Born Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr. but popularly known as Akwaboah has revealed that his father, Akwaboah Snr. has always been his mentor.

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According to him, his father has been the main inspiration behind his music career so he had to feature him on some of his songs to honor the legend.

Speaking with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM this morning, Akwaboah revealed that mostly, when musicians are aging, Ghanaians turn to tag them as outmoded musicians, thus not patronizing their craft anymore.

He said that it would have been better for the new school to run back to the old legends to learn a thing or two from them rather than ignoring them, especially when they are at their peak.

Akwaboah also stated that he has to learn more from the legend because even with the fame he has garnered so far, he feels he cannot compare himself to his father.

Comparing his father’s era to his, Akwaboah stated that he hasn’t been able to live up to his father’s legacy even to date.

Akwaboah described his father as the best among his peers in his prime and still wears the crown so there is still much to be learned from him.

“I played a song to him on my album and within a few minutes, he was able to tell me what was wrong with the whole album. With such a personality in my life, I can never say his time is past because he has been a blessing to me”, he noted.

As a reminder, Akwaboah’s father, Akwaboah Snr. is visually impaired yet has the capability and experience to put together a masterpiece.


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“My husband slapped me because I ordered my child to search his pockets for money” – Wife laments



A lady has cried out on social media over the scuffle that ensued between herself and her spouse because she ordered her child to search his pockets for money when he left for work.

The lady, sharing her ordeal, disclosed that her husband finds it difficult to give her money to carry out some basic tasks at home, but rather prefers buying the household items himself.

She wrote in part,

“Pls I have a problem with my husband, he is good at not giving me money to cook, he will like to buy things, so when I quarrel, he stopped giving me money for food. So I told my eldest child to search his pockets when he left for work cos I am a stay at home mother, doctor said I should not stress after my second child so I do nothing again.”

Read her full story below,

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Gunmen attack Plateau communities, kill 14



Fourteen people have been confirmed dead in two separate attacks by gunmen in Plateau State.

It was learnt that while twelve people were killed in Sabon Layi Village, Kuru community, Jos South Local Government Area, two other persons were killed in Zogu Village, Miango community in Bassa Local Government Area of the state.

Villagers said the attacks occurred on Sunday night while the people were sleeping.

The lawmaker representing Jos South Local Government Area in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Fom Gwattson confirmed the killing of twelve persons in Kuru community to The PUNCH in Jos on Monday

Gwattson said, “Some gunmen last night attacked my constituency and killed twelve persons in Sabon Layi community. I have just been informed of the development and this is completely unacceptable.”

The National President of the Irigwe Development Association, Ezekiel Bini who also confirmed the killing of two persons in Zogu Village added that two other persons were injured during the attack by gunmen in the community.

Bini said that one of those injured had been rushed to the Jos University Teaching Hospital while the second person was moved to another hospital in Miango for treatment.

He said, “Two persons died during the attack last night, while two were injured. It’s unfortunate that we have continued to bury our people on every attack by gunmen without anything being done to stop the killings by the authorities.”

He, however, said that the killings had been reported to the security agents.

Spokesman of the State Police Command, Ubah Ogaba, when contacted said that 10 persons were killed during the attack in Jos South LGA

Ogaba said, “We had an incident in Jos South LGA. 10 persons, unfortunately, lost their lives but I am yet to get reports on the attack in Bassa.”

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