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Family Accuse Premier Specialist Medical center of Negligence Leading to The Untimely Death of Lagos-based Pastry Chef



Trouble is brewing between Premier Specialist Medical Centre, Victoria Island, and the Family of award-winning Lagos-based founder and CEO of I Luv Desserts, Mrs. Peju Ugboma, on what the family has termed gross negligence on the part of the Hospital, which led to her untimely death.


An independent autopsy carried out by pathologists at LASUTH with credible observers and Premier hospital in attendance revealed that Peju suffered internal bleeding. It was discovered that she had about 2 Litres of blood in her abdomen and pelvic area.


The family revealed that Peju was admitted into Premier Specialist Hospital on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021, as directed by the Hospital, to carry out an elective surgery for a fibroid issue.


She walked into the Hospital by herself unaided as it was by no means an emergency surgical procedure. She had concluded all the necessary tests required before the surgery, including ECG, PCV, and Covid -19 tests. Her vitals were okay and she had no preexisting conditions prior to surgery.


All payments were made for the preliminary tests. The hospital demanded their account be funded to the tune of N1.5 million and the family deposited N1 million immediately.


The surgery was carried out on the morning of Friday 23rd April 2021, by Drs. Akinsiku, Iwuh, Asemota, Renner, and some other medical personnel in Premier Specialist Hospital, Victoria Island.


Family Accuse Premier Specialist Medical center of Negligence Leading to The Untimely Death of Lagos-based Pastry Chef - Peju Ugboma of I Luv Desserts Ltd


Peju’s husband saw her after the surgery on Friday, and she complained about severe abdominal pain and discomfort, which he felt was not unusual for someone who had just come out of surgery. However, her blood pressure had dropped to as low as the range of 50/30. The doctors then gave her blood transfusion because she had lost a lot of blood during the surgery.


Early on Saturday morning, she told her husband that the veins on her hands had collapsed and the Hospital wanted to give her fluids on a vein close to her neck and collarbone. She also mentioned that the doctors said her kidneys were not functioning optimally, and a Consultant Nephrologist had been called in to come in that Saturday morning. This was a shock to them both as all tests prior to surgery were fine. The Consultant eventually came in as scheduled but dismissed both their concerns.


By Saturday evening, she had been given 3 pints of blood. The family allege that none of the gynecologists who performed the surgery attended to her throughout that Saturday despite all her pain and concerns expressed by her husband.


That same Saturday evening, her blood pressure dipped further. The family allege that Dr. Renner told her husband that they would need to move her to the ICU. He was asked to pay an additional N1.5 million before she could be moved to the ICU and he paid the money without delay. Peju was admitted into the ICU immediately after payment.


The family allege that Dr. Renner then told her husband that he needed an additional 3 pints of freshly donated B+ blood, as Premier Specialist hospital did not have any in the Hospital’s blood banks. This left him with no choice but to go on a blood donation drive from friends and family. Several donors were screened and they donated a total of 9 pints of blood that night.


As this was going on, Peju kept complaining of severe pains, and her eyes had turned yellowish. At about midnight that Saturday, she was sedated intravenously.


By 6.30 am on Sunday, her husband was surprised to find out that his wife had been placed on a respirator. The husband said Dr Renner told him that her condition had deteriorated through the night. Her husband saw that she looked pale, and her eyes had been taped as if to keep them closed, but she was still breathing and the monitors were still reading.


Peju’s husband had been in touch with a family friend who is a UK based consultant gynecologist. The consultant raised alarm and insisted on speaking with the doctors at Premier hospital. He spoke with Drs. Asemota, Iwuh and the medical director Dr Oshinowo. He stated expressly that he was of the opinion that she had severe internal bleeding and needed to be moved back to the operating theatre for the bleeding to be arrested immediately. Premier team however ignored his advice, according to the family.


Premier decided to move Peju to a hospital where she could have a CT Scan and possible dialysis. By 10 am on Sunday, her husband was informed that his wife would be moved to Evercare Hospital, Lekki Phase 1. However, it took 3 hours before she was moved to Evercare.


Immediately she arrived there she was met by their medical team and taken to the ICU. Her husband was asked to pay another N1 million at Evercare, and he made the payment immediately.


The family said the head of the ICU detected that Peju did not have a pulse and emergency CPR commenced immediately. This failed and she was pronounced dead by 2.20pm on Sunday.


Premier Specialist Hospital offered to do an autopsy, however, the family insisted on an independent autopsy. The independent pathologist requested Peju’s full medical report prior to the autopsy as is normal practice but the family allege that Premier Specialist Hospital management were playing games to stall releasing it.


It took a visit by family of the deceased to Premier Hospital who engaged the doctors and management in a shouting match and nearly resulted in a physical confrontation before the medical reports were released.


The deceased’s family allege that the medical reports sent to the independent pathologist may have been tampered with or altered.


The family allege that Peju bled internally from Friday after the surgery till Sunday when she died, and it is shocking to note that Premier hospital was allegedly negligent enough not to pick this up and save her life.


Peju’s tragic and unfortunate death has left behind two heartbroken little girls, a grieving husband and an aged mother and loved ones.

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Kelvyn Boy Accused By Upcoming Musician, Takum



The young musician made these allegations against Kelvyn Boy in a recent interview he had with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

According to Takum, Kelvyn Boy is yet to promote a song he featured him and this comes after he (Takum) paid for every charge Kelvyn Boy demanded.

In his submission, he said;

“It hurts when artistes, especially the mainstream ones, refuse to post songs of up and coming artistes who featured them. My song with Kelvyn Boy. After charging me for the song, the video appearance, he still did not post it on his social media page.

I am unable to sleep sometimes because of this. Anytime I address this issue, it gets me emotional. Kelvyn Boy is not doing his part of the promotion of the song I featured him on

I am begging to Kelvyn Boy promote the song I featured him on.”

This comes after veteran Ghanaian musician, Oheneba Kissi also accused Kelvyn Boy of stealing his song.

Oheneba Kissi during an interview on the UTV’s United Showbiz hosted by Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown expressed his displeasure in the Afrobeat act stealing a verse from his song without his permission.

He said that he has taken actions against Kelvyn Boy over copyrights infringement.

In reaction to that, the “Mea” hitmaker debunked Oheneba Kissi claims that he has stolen a verse from one of his popular songs.

Speaking on Zylofon FM with Sammy Flex, Kelvyn Boy said that he only sampled only a line from Oheneba Kissi which he earlier didn’t know that he was the composer of that particular song.


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Travis Barker shows off candle that “Smells Like Kourtney Kardashian’s Orgasm” 



Travis Barker has taken his love for Kourtney Kardashian to another love. 

The Blink-182 drummer, 45, took to his Instagram story to share a photo of “This Smells Like Kourtney’s Orgasm” candle.


Travis Barker shows off candle that

His girlfriend also re-shared his image on her own Story.

Travis Barker shows off candle that


The viral vagina-smelling candle Goop, which was released in January 2020 and sells for $75, is a follow-up to the “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle. 

According to the Goop shop, where the candles are exclusively sold, the scent of “This Smells Like My Orgasm” is described as “tart grapefruit, neroli and ripe cassis berries blended with gunpowder tea and Turkish rose absolutes for a scent that’s sexy, surprising, and wildly addictive.”

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian were longtime friends before they kicked off their romance in January 2021. 

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Ikonso’s second in command arrested― Army



Awurum Eze, others with Nnamdi Kanu

By Kingsley Omonobi

The Second in Command to the neutralized IPOB/ESN Terrorist leader Ikonso, Awurum Eze, has been arrested by security operatives in Aba, Abia State.

A statement by Brig Gen Mohammed Yerima said, “The 48 years old Awurum Eze, a native of Umoneke Nta, Isiala-Mbano LGA, Imo State, had on the 4th of May 2021 escaped when operatives of Intelligence Response Team (IRT) stormed his village house in Isiala Mbano where he was hiding.

“Intensive manhunt was thereafter launched towards tracing and arresting him.

“He was eventually apprehended on Wednesday, 12 May 2022, in Aba after weeks of unrelenting follow-ups by operatives.

“Awurum Eze is one of the main sponsors of the numerous killings in Imo State and has been on the wanted list of security agents for more than 3 months.

“Many of the arrested IPOB /ESN terrorists had earlier mentioned him as their key sponsor, mastermind and Second in Command to late Ikonso.

“According to them, amongst all their leaders in Imo State, only Ikonso and Awurum have direct communication link with Nnamdi Kanu. He can be seen in several photographs posing with the fugitive terrorist leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

“Investigation by the combined team of security operatives continues”.

All rights reserved. This material and any other digital content on this platform may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, written or distributed in full or in part, without written permission from VANGUARD NEWS.

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FCT minister assures residents of safety



The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Muhammad Bello, has assured residents of the territory of their safety.

He said security agencies were committed to ensuring that lives and properties are secured.

The assurance was coming amidst growing concerns by residents about the security of the nation’s capital.

According to a statement on Wednesday by the Minister’s Chief Press Secretary, Anthony Ogunleye, Bello gave the assurance at the monthly FCT Security Committee meeting on Monday.

Ogunleye quoted the minister as urging community, traditional, political and religious leaders to encourage their members to collaborate with security operatives so as to guarantee their security.

The minister said, “I assure you that the various security agencies are committed to ensuring the safety of residents.

“To ensure the safety of residents, the community, traditional, political and religious leaders are enjoined to encourage their members to understand that security should not be left to the security personnel alone but should be a collaborative effort of all.

“We have to ensure that communities make efforts to know who they stay with and also ensure that information is gathered and sent appropriately to the right people.”

Bello also disclosed that measures were being taken to ensure safety in all educational institutions in the FCT.

The minister also decried the negative effects of urbanisation and the shanties around the city.

The FCT Commissioner of Police, Bala Ciroma, also assured residents that FCT Police Command would ensure the safety of lives and property during and after the Eid El- Fitr celebration.

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‘Before You Go Into A Relationship, Know What You Want’



Renowned Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli has advised anyone who wants to go into a relationship to know what he or she wants before they go into the relationship.

He made this known in a recent post he made on his official Facebook page which he titled, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU GO INTO RELATIONSHIP and the post reads;

“You are in a relationship with someone who is keeping other relationships which you don’t want. Each time you complain about it, there is a misunderstanding. This could be someone they refer to as their Ex, baby mama or baby daddy or a relationship they claim they don’t want, yet can’t end it. To you, there is no reason why your partner is keeping the other relationship, you seem to know what to do but your partner on the other hand does not. You think them leaving the other relationship is a simple thing to do but your partner sees it as difficult or complicated.

Citing reasons that they are waiting for the right time or opportunity to end it without hurting anyone. You don’t need to give your partner a lecture on how to end the relationship with others. You don’t need to call the other person to threaten them or ask them to stay away. This is not because your partner doesn’t know what do to.

As a matter of fact, your partner is doing what they want by keeping the other relationship. Your partner is asking for time to break up or let go the other relationship and you don’t know how much time they need. You keep wondering if you can trust them or whether you should continue the relationship or not. At a point you begin to doubt them and question their love and trust.

One thing you need to know is that, you have no control over your partner and can’t control their happiness, feelings or mind or what they want.

You don’t need to make decisions for them. Relationships are for mature people and your partner should know what is best for them if truly they are mature. If he or she is mature, then they know what they are up to.

The one you can make decisions for is you. You know yourself very well, you should know what you want, what is good for you and what is not. You have control over yourself and know what you can do and what you can’t.

As a matter of fact, you trust yourself more than anyone. You can’t lie to yourself. So take the best decision that will reflect what you want. If you don’t want a partner who keeps other relationships around, but your partner is doing so, then accept it that you are with the wrong person. You should know what to do. If you don’t know what to do, you can’t teach or show your partner what to do.

If you don’t know what you want, your partner will explore and manipulate you. People do that by saying “put yourself in the shoes of the other person I’m in a relationship with, is it fair to leave them when they have been good to me and not wronged me?”

And they suggest their partner puts their leg in the shoes of the supposed partner they find difficulty in letting go. But one thing we forget is that if the partner they don’t want to let go was that good to them, why won’t they stay with them but want a new relationship?”

Let no one play on your intelligence or play with your emotions. When you allow that, you give them power to play with your heart. The heart is the Centre of life, it holds your life. If you allow anyone to play with your heart in the name of love or relationship, you end up with broken heart or even lose your life. You get to a place where you feel you are alive but you don’t feel like living due to the pain inflicted on your heart.

In conclusion “let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance” – Proverbs 1:5 (NIV).”


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